Friday, June 23, 2017


Clint, from all your friends and well-wishers:

Kirk McMorris:  "Run swift, run strong."

Lisa Coronado:  "Western States is an awesome adventure and you're one of the lucky few who gets to experience it.  Stay present in your Western States story and find joy in each mile.  When it gets bad, remember that it hurts for everyone, and DBAP!  See you in Auburn!"

Michael Mulnix:  "Clint, go out and have a great time!  Remember finishing will have sweet rewards!"

Alysa Dunn: "All your hard work will pay off on Saturday.  I know you will have a village out there! Having the opportunity to run such an iconic race is one in a million but we have the privilege of living here and training here.  Cheers to your amazing adventure!  I'll be cheering you on through your adventure!"

Gary Duran:  "Have fun and good luck brother."

Beth and Bret Lang:  "We are so excited for you!  Enjoy every moment of your Western States experience, and when the going gets tough, remember the huge number of people thinking about you and cheering you on, including us.  See you at the finish line!"

Aren Knighton:  "Clint, you showed me trail running is better than road.  You also taught me that hipppies are people too.  Thanks for being so inspirational, I love you.  Aren."

Veronica Runyan:  "To one of my favorite Dirt Bags.  You are an inspiration. I remember the first time I saw you run a 100.....  despite the pain, you were all smiles and appreciative of all those around you. No one is more deserving of this honor than you.  I have belief in you and wish you the best.  Enjoy your experience and enjoy the journey.  Love you big guy.  I can't wait to see you cross the finish.  Go get it!"

Sunny Carder:  "Good luck, Clint!  You're gonna crush it out there.  When the times seem dark, you can think of our inappropriate conversations to keep you going.  You know, the ones you always would share with Becca afterwards.  Cheers brother!" 

Matt Brayton:  "I wish Clint all the best this weekend.  He's a remarkable guy, and not just as a runner.  He's a huge fan of all runners and the lifestyle.  As co-conspirator of the official unofficial CIM aid station, he cheers for marathon road runners as much as anyone  and is always volunteering or working races when not running.  And his story ... going from overweight and having let himself go - to pulling it together and getting to where he is today - is inspirational.  Add to that, being a former high school football coach (leading young men is a very important and difficult job) and you can't help but root for the guy and follow his efforts.  I know I'll be one of those guys out there waiting for every update and aid station check in.  Run hard, run smart brother.  And no matter what happens, there is a lot to celebrate, and we will!"  (And, of course, we'll be celebrating his awesome wife Rebecca, who puts up with all this silliness.) 
Sylvia Ward: "You are a winner even before you toe the line.  To the man who loves his family first and foremost; to the big guy who is the life of the party; to the dirt bag who knows what authenticity is; and to the ultrarunner who worked hard for and deserved his bib # 347 - you are an inspiration to so many of us in ways that you don't even realize.  You got this.  Rock those trails.  I'll see you on the other side of the finish line."

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  1. Clint, I'll be there on the same journey as you Saturday, you will get to the track and I will get to the track. We just have to remember, when we think we can't, we actually can. Run, walk, or slow stroll, it's just relentless forward progress!